Super Bowl Roundup: Game Day Appetizers

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If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you might know that my husband and I are huge football fans, and are season ticket holders to our favorite team. Unfortunately for us, that team is the Buffalo Bills, who have never ever won a Superbowl, and haven’t even been close to winning the Lombardi trophy since the early 90’s. Sigh. Someday, right?

Nevertheless, the Superbowl is great excuse to get together with friends, drink a few beers, and toss back some delicious, not-so-healthy snacks. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite football snacks, a few of which will definitely be making an appearance this Sunday.

Pizza Pull-Apart Bread
Baked Buffalo Chicken Taquitos
Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas
Pizza Rolls
Buffalo Chicken Bites
Roast Beef on Weck Sandwiches
Baked Buffalo Wings
Potato Slabs
Crockpot Pulled Pork
Homemade Pizza
Grilled Chicken Quesadilla
Pico de Gallo
Ranch Dressing
Homemade Salsa
Pizza Bites
Buffalo Chicken Tenders
Soft Pretzels
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Veggie Pizza

Brownie Batter Dip
Peanut Butter Cup Bars
Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies
Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip




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