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  1. Sandra says:

    i just wanted to let you know, that your recipes made my cry somehow. they remind me of the food i ate when i was little at my grandparents place in italy. since my grandmother and mother cooks like you told about your grandfather i know what i missed for my grandparents and since my mother is getting odler too i should spend more time with her and enjoy the meals she will cook. i’ll ask her to cook some of yours, because my cooking skills are not that good, bu maybe she will teach them to me. thank you!

    • Chrissy says:

      What a sweet comment! I still, to this day, am forever thankful for the afternoon I spent with my grandpa while he taught me how to make his famous homemade bread. Since he never really wrote down a recipe, I would have never known how to make it after he died if it wasn’t for that day. Family recipes are wonderful, because they can evoke so many good memories! I hope you get the chance to spend some time with your mom in the kitchen :)

  2. Jodie says:

    I am a high school student, and I am an editor on my school’s newspaper staff. One of the articles we are writing for the October issue is on DIY School Lunches. I found your picture of the Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla, and I wanted to ask for your permission to use this picture on our newspaper. We will give you/your website full credit for this picture.

    Thank you for your time,

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